Assorted Narratives

My paintings are meant to draw you into the middle of an untold tale, where you are the author of their narrative. The climactic imagery and vague titles leave room for the imagination to play, answering questions such as "who are these characters? How did they get here? And what happens next?"

A Perilous Journey

A Perilous Journey is an interactive "storybook" about a young girl navigating her way through a magical realm. With no written chronicle as reference, and only the most crucial and climactic moments of her tale to draw from, viewers must rely on their own imaginations and "write" this child's story.

The goal in allowing this space for interpretation is to promote the use of and patience for one's personal sense of wonder in a world where information is immediately accessible - unlike my own childhood where people were often left to imagine the possibilities of their curiosities long before their questions might be answered.

Thanks to Modern Eden Gallery for hosting this exhibition! I'd also like to express my gratitude to the Toronto Arts Council for awarding this project their generous grant, and for believing in my peculiar, dreamy world.

Pop Culture

While I enjoy creating new worlds and curious creatures through my art, I am also a huge nerd and pop culture junkie, with a love of movies and general nostalgia. The pieces in this section are tributes to various pop culture references. Most were created specifically for shows at galleries such as Gallery 1988 and Spoke Art, but a few of them were just for fun. 

The best part of creating these pieces is allowing myself to play around outside my usual style, to create images that are silly and fun.